How to Qualify in Ohio

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the State of Ohio or under 18 with a caregiver to be eligible. Proof of residency is required in the form of a utility bill, bank statement, etc. If a prospective patient is younger than eighteen years of age, a patient registration submission must be accompanied by a caregiver registration submission, in accordance with rule 3796:7-2-03 of the Administrative Code, before it will be considered complete. To learn more about caregiver registration, see below.

Step 1: Find Your Physician

  • Establish and maintain a bona fide relationship with a qualified physician who has a “Certificate to Recommend” from the State Medical Board
  • Receive a diagnosis or confirmation of a qualifying condition from the recommending physician
  • Consent to treatment with medical cannabis

Step 2: Patient Registration Submission

  • Your physician will need to submit the complete patient registration submission on your behalf
    • All recommendations must come from, and be submitted by, an Ohio state-licensed and currently practicing physician
  • You must pay the required application fee to the State Board of Pharmacy
  • The complete patient registration submission must be received by the State Board of Pharmacy within ninety calendar days of the date on which the recommendation was made

Step 3: Approval

  • If approved, you will be added to the Ohio MMCP Registry and will receive your MMJ card
  • Your patient registration will be valid from the date of issuance and expire one year later
    • You will be notified forty-five calendar days before the expiration date on the patient’s registry identification card

Once you have your MMJ card, you may visit an approved Ohio medical cannabis dispensary.  

Caregiver Registration

An individual who meets the caregiver eligibility requirements may be registered as a caregiver if the following are submitted to the State Board of Pharmacy:

  • Identification of patient who is registered, or attempting to register, for whom the individual intends to serve as a caregiver
  • A complete caregiver registration submission, submitted by the patient’s recommending physician
  • Required fee

A registered caregiver may possess and administer medical cannabis to patients with whom the caregiver’s registration is associated. More details about caregiver eligibility and registration can be found here.