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Most Important Medical Marijuana Studies in 2018

While Herbology has some big plans for 2019, we cannot deny how important 2018 was to us, as well as how huge it was for the medical marijuana industry. The amount of research completed, and the studies that were released, will continue to help patients into 2019 and beyond. Some of the biggest studies looked at pain relief for seniors, decreasing opioid dependency through medical cannabis, effects on depression, and more.

Seniors and Medical Marijuana

In many states, senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis consumers, yet those 65 and over are less likely to vote for medical legalization. Many older adults have doubts about its effectiveness, most likely remnants of the “War on Drugs.” A study published in February of 2018 may help those with misgivings see the benefit of medical cannabis for seniors.

This study looked at over 900 elderly patients (75% had no previous cannabis experience) who used medical cannabis for chronic pain for six months. After six months, 93% of patients reported improved symptoms, including an average of a four-point reduction on the 10-point pain scale.

Opioid & Methamphetamine Dependencies

The United States has an opioid addiction problem, many of which are legal with a prescription. Researchers are looking for a solution to this, and medical marijuana is showing to be a strong candidate. Studies have shown that patients who reduce their opioid usage in favor of medical cannabis see better results with pain management and thereby decrease their dependency on opioids. Some patients have even been able to wean themselves completely off addictive opioids.

A November 2018 study showed when there are medical cannabis dispensaries in a location, there is a reduction in the number of opioid overdoses in the area.

While many studies have focused on opioid addiction, researchers have also looked at general addiction recovery. Medical cannabis could play an important role in recovery, including replacement therapy for cravings, treating symptoms of withdrawal, and more. A study that specifically looked at methamphetamine found that medical cannabis could decrease the desire to use meth in recovering addicts.

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Courtesy of: Leafly

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