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How Cannabis Helps Protect Your Brain from Stress & Injuries

Whether it’s physical pain or mental stress, there is a connection to the brain. Approximately two million Americans experience a sports-related traumatic brain injury every year. Additionally, nearly 40 percent of all Americans experience daily stress or anxiety. While there are traditional treatment and prevention methods for both traumatic brain injuries and rising stress levels, studies have recently emerged that show that medical cannabis may actually be a potential therapy for both!

Protection from Brain Injuries

What happens to the brain when it is injured? While the specifics depend on the exact injury, generally speaking, there are three factors that damage the brain in the period of time after the trauma has occurred. Fortunately, THC and CBD in medical marijuana can help protect your brain during the period of time following a brain injury. The three major areas THC and CBD can protect against are:

  • An increase in excitatory brain chemicals, which if there is too much of a release in these chemicals, brain cells will die.
  • An increase in free radicals that are released because of the injury. Free radicals can damage brain cells as well as your DNA.
  • An increase in brain inflammation, which can permanently damage the way in which brain cells communicate with one another.

Stress is On the Rise

Similarly, medical marijuana may also make the brain more resilient to stress’ harmful effects. A region of your brain called the hippocampus is impacted when stress is experienced, by reducing the number of new cells that are produced. New brain cells are important to reducing anxiety and depression as well as learning and memory. Through medical marijuana, CB1 receptors help produce new brain cells in the hippocampus.

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