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Congratulations, DuBois!

For those searching for medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania, another one has just opened in DuBois, Pennsylvania! Herbology is proud to announce that we have recently opened a second Pennsylvania dispensary. With the first located in Gettysburg, PA, we are excited to serve patients in the DuBois area as well.

Products and Services

At Herbology, we pride ourselves on top quality products, ranging from topicals to disposable vape pens. Not only do we have the products that you need, we have the knowledge to help you get the relief you deserve. Our expert staff will be able to assist in finding the perfect product for your approved condition.

Aside from excellent products, Herbology offers a variety of events. We host patient registration days, support groups, Q&A’s, and more. You can always check on DuBois upcoming events here! We want to be more than just a dispensary; we want to be there for you and provide resources for you when you need them.

Visit Today!

Patients that have visited the DuBois location already are excited for our nearby dispensary. Many patients had to drive rather far, including to Butler, PA, in order to get their medicine. If you have not yet begun the qualifying process for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, now is the time to begin! Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, follow these instructions to begin.

Once you are approved in the State of Pennsylvania, please come visit our DuBois location! We are also in the process of opening up additional locations in Philadelphia, Altoona, and more. Our staff is passionate about medical marijuana and how it can help millions of Americans, including many patients in the State of Pennsylvania. Allow Herbology to help you take care of your approved condition!

For contact information and hours of operation, please head to our DuBois page here!

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